Hire me

Finding a suitable candidate with solid design skills is crucial to the success of any Marketing team, or Creative Department.

Finding a suitable candidate with solid design skills, who understands the industry, is easy to work with, finds creative solutions to design problems and who can work successfully alongside team members, stakeholders, managers, and clients, could be considered a challenging.

Adding qualifications such as a thorough understanding of industry trends, will adhere to deadlines and deliver optimal customer service while displaying a commitment to your project and your team's success - might be considered impossible, until now!

… and then there's the Portfolio.

Although the portfolio provides an excellent visual representation of a candidate's design skills, it is risky selecting a candidate based on their portfolio alone. By asking questions such as what inspired you to make that particular choice, or what process did you use to arrive at this decision will provide a better understanding of how a designer works, what inspires them, and how they reach their creative peak.

… what about the learning curve?

There is no substitute for experience. "Hitting the ground running" is an expression that sums up my ability to fit into your organization. I have the experience, the skills, and the talent to 'hit the ground running' which will eliminate much of the learning curve required to get up to speed on your business and make your project, or team successful.

Lets generate great design solutions, together!

The biggest thing to remember when hiring a graphic designer is that you’re looking for more than a designer with solid design skills. Our personality, creativity and work style are just as important as our skills, if not more so. These aren’t things you’ll find on a resume, or website and can only be discovered through conversation. So lets get together over coffee and discuss how I can help solve your design challenge and start generating great design solutions together.