Why You Need a Graphic Designer

Making a profit is the number one goal of every company, however, to be truly successful, it is essential to cover all aspects of your business and not cut corners when it comes to the look, feel and appeal of your company. Top quality graphic design requires the experience and expertise of a professional designer.

There’s a vast difference between a $10 logo purchased from an online site and one that has been tailor-made to suit your exact business vision, and goals. Qualified graphic designers know best how to communicate your business to your audience, we go to great lengths to research your industry and competition, and at the same time, we keep your goals and preferences in mind when designing the perfect solution for your business.

If you’re still not sure you need to hire a professional graphic designer these points might help to persuade you:

How it all starts
Talented graphic designers don’t play around with premade templates. We begin by sketching original, inspiring and practical solutions, thoughtfully designed to achieve the goals of our clients. These sketches are the solid foundation for the images and designs which will ultimately appear in print or online.

The complete design process
Step 1: Define the client’s objectives
Step 2: Collect data and background information
Step 3: Create preliminary sketches, take photographs and find inspiration
Step 4: Brainstorm and analyze ideas as we formalize the client’s objective
Step 5: Present the first draft to the client and receive feedback
Step 6: Make improvements according to input received, and present a revised draft
Step 7: Receive draft approval and implement final design

Years of repeating these seven steps have allowed me to perfect the design process and move through all stages of the design process quickly, effectively and seamlessly.


You might not think the way the words look make much of a difference, but typography is an incredibly important part of graphic design, and one frequently overlooked by new designers with limited experience. People react positively or negatively to typography depending on how well it matches content and images.

With a fluent understanding of fonts, families, font height, line length, tracking, kerning, etc. I can assure my client that the design proposed will lead to a successful campaign.

Color Theory
Understanding how to properly use color isn’t just for painters - it is essential in graphic design as well. Knowing how to apply, contrast and mix different colors based on the context is a truly invaluable skill. And I’m proud to say it’s one I’ve mastered over the course of my career.

Even though we don’t realize it, we subconsciously evaluate colors used in marketing materials and factor them into our split-second decision making without recognizing it. As a designer, understanding which colors work well together to create a positive reaction and which colors will result in a negative response are highly valued skills, which take time to build.

Web Design and Basic HTML
HTML and CSS are the programming languages of websites, and it’s essential for graphic designers to have a basic understanding when designing great websites. Knowing basic HTML and CSS means I can change various elements of a site, to ensure everything works seamlessly and looks as envisioned. Having these skills also means my clients don’t have to pay their developer to make small tweaks - I can do it.

Software Compatibility and Technology
Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology is vital in print and online design. I’ve spent years mastering design programs and always ensure I stay on top of the most recent advances in online design and printing to create the best design results for you.

I’m proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat both on PC and Mac platforms. I am also skilled in Microsoft products, like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook, as well as multimedia software, such as Adobe Premier and Camtasia.

Correctly understanding the printing process and how to accurately format a file for print is extremely important to the success of every project. When you hire me, my vast printing knowledge ensures your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Although you don’t need to understand complex print terminology as a client, it’s incredibly beneficial for you to have a clear picture of what you want the final product to look. For example, the type of paper you use will have a direct impact on the necessary image resolution, the kind of press used for printing will affect how the file is set up. I spend time managing every detail no matter how small, from concept to delivery to ensure my client receives optimal results every time.

Graphic designers play a crucial role in communicating the thoughts, ideas, look and feel of a company or individual. A picture is worth a thousand words and nothing tells your company’s story better than a well thought out design that captures interest and brings content to life.

In order to understand my client and achieve the desired results, I communicate with them every step of the way to ensure we stay on track and retain the same vision throughout the entire project.

If you're ready to stand out from the crowd and improve your bottom line, hire a professional graphic designer and togetherwe will create a lasting impression designed to take your business to the next level!